Protecting New York State

GO Health Weights & Measures is responsible for testing all commercial devices used to weigh and measure various commodities.  These inspections are done annually at over 220 businesses which include grocery stores, delis, bakeries, produce stands,  farms, manufacturing plants, distributions centers, stone quarries, gas stations and non-commercial locations as requested. Weights & Measures is also responsible for testing the quality of fuel sold  within the counties, a task that is 100% reimbursed by NYS. 

GO Health is at the forefront when it comes to shared services, a joint effort to better serve their communities. Starting in January of 2020, the counties agreed to fully combine the two Weights & Measures Departments – a move with estimated annual savings of $54,290. This collaboration has created a safer and healthier environment for all residents as well as visitors.

Ronald P. Mannella

Weights & Measures Director

GO Health

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 585-589-4416

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