Confidence at Checkout: Get What You Pay For

Ever wonder if you are truly getting that full gallon of gas or if that pound of deli meat is truly a full pound? With every transaction involving the use of a scale or other measuring device, you can count on the work of your Weights & Measures Department.

The Genesee – Orleans County Department of Weights & Measures (W&M) visits and inspects all businesses annually using measuring devices as a basis of price. Devices such as fuel pumps and register scales at delis, bakeries, and produce stands are required to be inspected annually. One way you can tell when a device has been tested is by the official W&M seal. The seal represents that the device is approved for use.

Here are some things you as a customer can do to make sure you aren’t getting overcharged:

If you believe a commercial device is incorrect, our website has a form in which you can fill out and submit online.  Once a complaint is received, the department will visit and retest any device in question. Our goal is fair transactions for all parties involved.

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