Equity and Efficiency: GO Health Weights & Measures

The Genesee and Orleans County Department, Weights & Measures (GO Health W&M) is responsible for testing all commercial devices used to weigh or measure various commodities. These efforts are celebrated annually during National Weights & Measures Week, March 1st – 7th.


2021 included 405 inspections that comprised of over 1,210 devices, including grocery stores, delis, bakeries, produce stands, laundromats, farms, manufacturing plants, distribution centers, stone quarries, gas stations and non-commercial locations as requested.  The department acts as a consumer protection service, while also watching out for the sellers, ensuring fairness for all parties involved.  “With the persistent price increases of everyday items, our work is more valuable than ever,” voiced Ronald P. Mannella, GO Health W&M Director.


Genesee and Orleans County entered a shared services agreement in 2020 that combined both county Weights & Measures Departments. This cross county collaboration has estimated annual saving of over $54,000. Mannella announced that for the fourth straight year in Orleans and second straight year in Genesee, all commercial devices were accounted for, a challenging task that ensures financial protection for both residents and visitors to the area.

Create & Educate

GO Health is a pioneer in many aspects of Weights & Measures. Beginning in 2021, the department began incorporating health and safety messaging on their inspection seals, a first in the state.  These seals are applied to commercial devices including gas pumps and grocery store scales.  “It’s a great opportunity and use of the space allotted to us,” expressed Mannella.  “Creating and revealing our designs is something we look forward to each year.”


“This year’s messaging is centered on results of the counties Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the County Health Rankings – both revealing our areas of needed improvement,” stated Mannella.  “These seals are intended to encourage the community into making healthier choices.”

Community Health Assessment

One of the goals is to increase smoking/nicotine cessation Quitline referrals to 13.1% at the end of year 3 (2024).



Protection at the Pump

With support from the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Genesee-Orleans and the surrounding counties are cracking down on credit card skimmers and those responsible. W&M inspectors perform random sweeps of fuel stations looking for these fraudulent devices. Arrests have been made and we want it known that New York will not tolerate these criminal acts.

 If you have suspicious credit card activity, call your bank immediately.

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