Director Paul Pettit, MSL, CPH

The Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments, also known as GO Health, work every day to ensure the safety of the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breathe. Members of a community may not always see the work done by local health departments, but people live healthier lives and are safer because of the work of local health departments. 

GO Health helps create and maintain conditions in communities that support healthier choices in areas such as diet, exercise, and tobacco. They lead efforts that prevent and reduce the effects of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cancer. They detect and stop outbreaks of diseases like measles, tuberculosis, and foodborne illnesses. They protect children and adults from infectious diseases through immunization. GO Health also conducts programs that are shown to effectively make communities healthier. 


Everyone in our region can achieve an optimal and equitable level of health and well-being.


Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments (GO Health) is a shared services arrangement that promotes the necessary safe and healthy environment, and health behaviors, that lead to improved health outcomes and community quality of life.

Core Values: 

Commitment: We improve our work environment and services through continuous dedication to each other and staying true to public health principles and our vision.

Integrity: We maintain a high standard of professionalism, transparency, honesty, and fairness, building trust as we deliver services and represent the departments and counties we serve.

Respect: We demonstrate in our actions and words that all people are important and deserving of fair and equitable treatment.

Collaboration: We work together as a team, across agencies, and with the community toward our common goals.

Leadership: We embrace a culture of transcending influence throughout our organization and the community. 

Excellence: We consistently perform to the best of our abilities in all aspects of the work we do.

Board of Health

Paul Grout, President

Deanna Page, Vice President

Dr. Alan Barcomb, Medical Director

Fred Miller

Dr. Thomas Madejski

Dr. Kelly Rose Nichols

Dr. Mary Obear

Gregg Torrey

Click here for most updated GO Board of Health By-Laws

2024 Board of Health Meeting Schedule

February 6, 2024 – 4:00 pm – Genesee County Health Department                                                                                                                                            April 2, 2024 – 4:30 pm – Orleans County Health Department 

June 4, 2024 – 4:30 pm – Genesee County Health Department 

August 6, 2024 – 4:30 pm – Genesee County Health Department 

October 1, 2024 – 4:30 pm – Orleans County Health Department 

December 3, 2024 – 4:00 pm – Genesee County Health Department 

Scott Senf

Administrative / Budget Officer

Genesee County

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Kimberly Castricone

Administrative Officer

Orleans County

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