Genesee and Orleans County Health Departments (GO Health) follow the Genesee County, NY Social Media Policy and Disclaimer. All GO Health Social Media platforms will follow and abide by the social media disclaimer below. 

All information and materials generated by Genesee County and provided on Genesee County social media sites are the property of Genesee County. The county retains copyright on all text, graphic images, and other content that was produced by Genesee County and found on the page.

Citizen Conduct:
The intended purpose of Genesee County’s social media posts is to serve as a mechanism for communication between the county and the general public. When permitting public comment, the following forms of content shall not be allowed and shall be removed upon discovery:

  • Links to sites known to host malicious code or represent a validated cybersecurity threat
  • Comments or content not topically related to the particular site or blog article being commented upon
  • Profane, obscene, or vulgar language or content
  • Comments or content that promotes, fosters or, perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, gender identity, national origin, religion, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, disability, maternity leave, genetic information, or active military status
  • Comments or content that is threatening or harassing
  • Sexual comments, content, or links to sexual content
  • Conduct or encouragement of illegal activity
  • Support or opposition to political campaigns


Commenters leaving inappropriate posts may be blocked.


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