All children grow and develop at different rates, but certain guidelines such as those listed below can be helpful in determining if a child has the skills expected for their age. It is very important to know early on in a child’s development if they need special help. Your local school district is available to ensure the provision of services for students with disabilities or developmental delays from the ages 3 through 5. The people in your local school want to get to know you and your child and to provide your child with appropriate programs and services. Some of the types of educational services available are for eligible students: speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, counseling, and special education teacher services.

The New York State Education Department, through counties, is responsible for the provision of education services to preschoolers with special needs. Your local school district can arrange an evaluation to determine if your child has special needs.

  • Referrals should be directed to the school district’s Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE).
  • An evaluation will provide an assessment of your child’s development as measured by a        team of professionals.
  • If the evaluation shows that your child does have special needs, you will be involved in deciding what services your child should receive to meet those needs.
  • Genesee and Orleans Counties assist the school districts in providing preschool services by contracting for and paying for the evaluations, services, and transportation for eligible children.
  • There is no cost to parents for this program.


  • Special education
  • Speech therapy
  • Audiology
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychological services
  • Nursing services
  • Vision services
  • Transportation

Any child 3-5 years old who is suspected of developmental delay may be referred for evaluation to meet specific eligibility criteria for services.

For more information call your local school district’s special education office.

Genesee County                            Committees on Preschool Special Education

Alexander  585-591-1551 ext. 1112
Batavia   585-343-2480 ext. 1011
Byron Bergen  585-494-1220 ext. 2309
Elba  585-757-9967 ext. 1603
LeRoy  585-768-5502
Oakfield  585-948-5221 ext. 3116
Pavilion  585-584-1030
Pembroke  585-599-4525

Orleans County
Committees on Preschool Special Education

Albion  585-589-2056
Holley  585-638-7066 ext. 2403
Kendall  585-659-8906  (Option 1)                Lyndonville  585-765-3158
Medina  585-798-4032


NYS Education Department is the lead agency for the Preschool Special Education Program. Visit their website and view Key Publications related to Preschool Students with disabilities. 

Steps to Transition

Intervention/Committee on Preschool Special Education Comparison  

Developmental Milestones for Children 3-5 years old

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