Discounted Fuel

A majority of gas stations and fuel companies offer a variety of savings through the use of their credit/reward cards. These offers range from 3 to 25 cents off per gallon, which adds up to huge savings over time. “Often rural areas are burdened with higher fuel prices but these discounts bring us closer, if not below, the national average,” stated Ronald P. Mannella, Director of GO Health W&M.

All fuel pumps within the two counties, roughly 450, are tested at least once annually. W&M inspects the pumps ensuring the correct amount is being dispensed as well as test fuel quality to confirm the octane/cetane is as labeled. Throughout the year, the department tests over 1,100 total devices using over 5 million pounds and 13,000 gallons of fuel!


Below is a list of stations within Genesee and Orleans County that utilize credit/ reward cards along with their website to learn more:

TOPS Markets

Locations w/ Fuel: Medina, NY   Batavia, NY   Le Roy, NY

Kwik Fill

Locations: Medina, NY   Albion, NY   Batavia, NY   Le Roy, NY


Locations: Batavia, NY   Corfu, NY


Locations: Oakfield, NY   Bergen, NY

Mobil Stations

Locations:  Batavia, NY

SUNOCO Stations

Locations: Medina, NY   Clarendon, NY  Holley, NY   Le Roy, NY  Corfu, NY

Gulf Stations

Locations: Waterport, NY,fleet%20vehicles%20and%20company%20drivers.

CITGO Stations

Locations: Medina, NY   Alexander, NY   Attica, NY   Batavia, NY


Locations: Clarendon, NY   Kendall, NY   Holley, NY   Medina, NY   Albion, NY   Batavia, NY   Byron, NY   Corfu, NY   Le Roy, NY   Pavilion, NY   Pembroke, NY   Elba, NY   Lyndonville, NY

VP Fuel

Locations: Holley, NY


Locations: Byron, NY   Corfu, NY   Batavia, NY    Holley, NY    Medina, NY


Locations: Batavia, NY


Locations: Corfu, NY

Pilot Flying J

Locations: Pembroke, NY


Locations: Batavia, NY

If you know of other fuel-saving opportunities please email [email protected] and we will add it to this list.

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